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Blanka leci samolotem

Blanka has flown four times so far. And each of these flights is totally unforgettable and not because of any prejudice or aerophobia. Even the plane which had crashed in the Pyrenees a few days before her fly day did not put her off. Blanka just loves flying.
The point is perhaps, she ALWAYS has plenty of time to make it for the plane.
The first time she had ever flown was a few years ago, sent from the University she used to work for, for a conference in Brussels. Blanka serviced crazy scientists and helped them find themselves in the strange country like Poland. Just by coincidence her flight was 15 earlier then one of the guests from Italy. They checked in together and headed for the same gate. She asked the airport service whether she could spent short time with her friend before boarding. The woman agreed and promised to call her at the last moment. And forgot to do that. They chatted happily, when Blanka finally felt something was wrong, looked at the flight assistant and saw in her eyes something like a blink of madness.
'Oh, my god, the bus had just left! Run!' and called the bus driver to stop.
As it all ended happily Blanka was able to read the sign to be more careful next time.
Three days later she was flying back home. Took some spare time and arrived at the train station almost two hour before departure time. The board showed the train to the airport. Then something was said in French, the board showed something else but in the same direction as the airport was, so Blanka was not in doubt to get on the train. Hopefully the ticket inspector arrived quite soon and explained [in French again!] that THIS train was NOT going to the airport at all. The next station was in a village in 20 minutes.
The fear came very close. She fortunately had some money in the bank to buy another flight but she didn't feel like spending them on the plane.
Her heart was thumping like a hammer. It turned out she was not the only victim of the schedule change. There was an elegant young man, working the EC who had made the same mistake. They went together for the taxi rank, took one and asked him to go to the airport. The taxi driver was an elderly fellow, who was totally impregnable for Blanka's cries: 'Vite, vite' [she remembered some French is stress]. He drove and drove and drove and finally had arrived and Blanka woke up she had to little money. Hopefully the young handsome allowed her to pay as much as she had on her.
She entered the airport and did not understand what to do. Even today she remeber with a shame standing in the middle of the hall and shouting 'Help! Help!' with no reaction. Finally she saw the door which was the entrance to the departure hall. Ok. Now the Polish blood found its way, she quickly found the check-in desk, moved to the front of the queue and got serviced in two minutes. Then she quarelled with the customs officer she had no time for stupid check. After that she ran along the transporters with the suitcase in her arms [she thought it stupid to have luggage on wheels].
She made it.

Now it was Barcelona time. She bought the cheap tickets on-line for her and her husband being sure that cheap flights take off from the new airport in Modlin.
Aware of what'd happened last time they set off two and a half hours early. She forgot her camera, Mr B. refused to go back. But he chose a very strange way to the airport and it took them 40 minutes to get there. Blanka was not able to find the right check-in desk and asked a man where the Norwegian airlines do check in the passengers. 'On the other airport' - she heard.
She almost fainted. WRONG airport. Mr. B was flying for the first time in his life but was aware it hadn't been possible to make it on time. They ran back to the carefully parked car [she couldn't run as her heart had fainted], were not able to find the way out of the car park and started the craziest drive to Okęcie. Blanka once looked at the speedometer, the arrow was lying at the end, but the counter showed only 160, so it could have been even 200 kph. Left, right, right, left, overtaking, breaking, accelerating...
They saw Okęcie after 35 minutes and at that moment the car found it tiring to drive so fast and decided to go no faster than 20. They managed to creep at the front door, Blanka took the luggage and Mr B went to park the car, shouting that his passport had been in the pocket.
Blanka found the check-in desk, sent the luggage, but the nice man checked her husband in after seeing his passport, which she'd remembered to be in the suitcase. Finally he handed in their boarding passes and it left nothing more than to wait for Mr B. He came quite soon - they communicated by mobiles, while his one after drowning in melted chocolated did not work properly and the mic and the speakers were blocked, so he needed the earphones to talk which he kept forgetting. The check-in man was already leaving the post but was happy to see him.
They went to the gate, passed all the colourful shops, which they couldn't enter as the boarding was finishing and got on the bus. On the bus Mr B. realized he'd left the car at the hourly paid car park and called B's father to move it to another one. Told him they would have been landing in Barcelona at 10 p.m.
Some time later the father-in-law found the car, moved it and learned that if it had been left for a week there it would have cost 1600 PLN for keeping it there.
At midnight they got to Barcelona and started their most fanstastic holiday ever.

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Czy tylko innym spełniają się marzenia? Jak bardzo trzeba się starać? Ile razy próbować?
Tym razem to marzenie jest w zasięgu ręki - wystarczy powiedzieć tak, bo niemal samo do mnie przyszło...
Co mnie więc powstrzymuje?
Kiedy nauczę się przekonywać innych i wpływać na ludzkie decyzje?
Jak osiągnąć cel [prozaiczny -- przemalować ścianę i zdjąć parę obrazków. No i wyrzucić beczki...]?


Książki, leżaki, hamak, piaskownica, dobra kawa, cisza, błogie lenistwo...